“My anxiety and depression are so much better!” RS

“Dr. Jason was an answered prayer for me & my 6 year old son. He was having terrible migraines as often as every 3-5 days, it was just painful to watch. After the very first adjustment he was pain free for a full 17 days! Currently, he is pain free for 60 days or so (drug free!) & we are prayerfully hopeful and thankful! Upon seeing Austin, Dr. Jason discovered the cause of MY pain (low back)… it was ‘Forward Head Posture'(military neck). I am also on the road to recovery & feeling much better! Thank you & God Bless you Dr. Jason for allowing the Lord to use you!” – Lisa

“Dr. Jason Olafsson is the Tim Tebow of health care!!!! From the moment you meet Dr. Jason, you’re immediately inspired and filled with hope. His knowledge and ability to transform the lives of not only myself, but many others in Michigan and across this great country is truly a blessing. Do yourself and your family a favor by visiting Dr. Jason today. You won’t regret it! – CJ

“Neck and back pain relieved! An overall health plan, including nutrition and exercise developed! After only two weeks of whole food supplements my rashy facial skin has cleared up. For a truly comprehensive look at your total lifestyle-check out Jason at Custom Health Center” – Peter

“I am so impressed with Dr Jason! He takes such a fresh approach to health care – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and was unable to find until now. I am an active, healthy lady, but I suffer from frequent migraines especially after strenuous exercise. Dr Jason explained why I was getting migraines and has helped me go from 2-3 migraines per week to maybe 1 per month! There is not a prescription drug anywhere that has results like that! He is also treating my 6 year-old, who suffers from digestive problems and my 4 year-old daughter.They were apprehensive at first, but now enjoy visiting Dr Jason and his amazing staff. I’m thrilled with the treatment and results!” – KR

“After 20 years, I have no more migraines! Thanks Dr. Jason” – CH