Top Chiropractor 2012

Dr. Jason is honored to have been chosen as the Top Chiropractor of 2012 in Lake Orion, Michigan.  Hour Detroit's Top Chiropractors list is based on a peer-review survey conducted by Professional Research Company of Royal Oak, Mich. Participants cast thousands of votes honoring excellence in chiropractic services. Professionals are screened and selected through the verification of licensing and review of any infractions through various applicable boards, agencies, and rating services. Inclusion in the listings cannot be purchased. It is solely the result of PRS's research.  Read more Top Chiropractor 2012


Do you suffer from headaches, backaches, joint aches, lethargy, tiredness, chronic illness, depression, asthma, or other health problems?

We at Custom Health Center are here to help you obtain optimum performance so that you feel healthy and have a positive outlook on life.  However, this is only going to happen if you are able to SHIFT your mindset and lifestyle in these 5 areas:  Skeletal Structure, Headspace, Intake of Nutrients, Functional Fitness, and Toxic Burden.

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